The school that feels like home

The school that feels like home

  I often hear from foreigners that Chinese people are unfriendly and impolite. That made me wonder. Living in China all together for more than three years, I have had the best experience and have a lot of Chinese friends. So I start to research, what makes the westerners feel so. Guan xi 关系- the relations is extremely important here. If you are considered as «theirs» - a relative, a friend of a friend, or a trust worthy person, you get all the benefits. If you are considered as a stranger- you are treated as a stranger.


The school that feels like home

  Usually it takes some time( often quite long time) and efforts to establish the real connections with local people. Usually. But not in Wudang, and not in China Wudang Kungfu Academy. Not mentioning the fact, that Wudang people are calmer, more quite and really friendly in general, here in school, students are treated not as students. They are treated as family. Everyone: coaches,management, office staff and Master Chen by himself do everything to make people who are practicing here to feel like at home. As soon as you come here, you become a part of the family.

  通常需要一段很长的时间和努力,才能与当地人民建立起真正的联结。但在武当,在武当师行功夫馆却不是这样的。在武当人们不仅心态比较平和,大部分人相当友善。在这所学校里,学生们也不被当作学生来对待,他们被当作家人一样来对待。每一个人 : 教练们、管理者、办公室工作人员和陈道长做了所有事情让人们来到这就觉得好像待在家里。一旦你来到这儿,你就成为这个家庭的一部分。

The school that feels like home

  We are all looking for the best school, trying to find the best master, the best conditions, to learn some special things. There are many great masters and good schools in Wudang. So , whom to choose?

  It’s a tough problem. We are travelling far from homes, spend quite much money and want to make sure that it’s worth it. I tell you this. I have been living in the school for more than two and half years and I keep seeing the same faces. Chinese,westerners…Once visited, experienced the hospitality and warmth of the school, people just keep coming back.


  这是一个棘手的问题。我们远离家园做长途旅行,花了相当多的钱,所以想要确保它是值得的。我告诉你,我已经在学校生活超过两年半, 我一直看到同样的脸孔。中国人,西方人……一旦拜访此地, 感受过了学校的热情和温暖,就会让学员流连忘返。

The school that feels like home

  Some of them try different schools but eventually they return here. Why? The training process of many school that belong to Zhang San Fang Sect is pretty much the same in every school. Kicks, taiji basics, qigong, the same forms… So why do so many people come back to China Wudang Kungfu Academy ? Why do old students keep coming back to the school and stay here for some time almost every year.

  他们其中有一些人曾经尝试不同的学校, 但是最终他们都回到这里了。为什么呢? 许多属于三丰派的学校,在训练过程里每个学校几乎都差不多。踢腿、太极拳基本功、气功、相同的学习套路……为何有如此多的学员愿意重返武当师行功夫馆? 同样有很多老学员回馆学习有些甚至是每年都会回来。

The school that feels like home

  Maybe, because the coaches are professional and polite. They always show up for the training, almost every one has some knowledge of English and even those who don’t , do their best to explain the most important things and somehow always succeed. And you can feel, they do it not because they have to, not because it’s their job, but because they love to teach and they are eager to share their knowledge with others.


The school that feels like home

  Maybe, because people enjoy living in big light and comfortable rooms, may be because they appreciate management’s high concern about health and safety regulation-the school is constantly being cleaned, the food is good. After some time of hard training,it turns out that comfortable living conditions means a lot.


The school that feels like home

  Maybe, because the office staff is always eager to help with any problem- to call a taxi, to buy a ticket, to consult about local places- where to go, what to see, where to eat. When a person doesn’t speak any Chinese it becomes a huge advantage. May be because the school often organizes trips to some interesting places, the jewels of Wudang you would never find by yourself.


The school that feels like home

  Or may be, because you can see how school is being changed with a time. It becomes more beautiful, and greener, and I bet that’s the result of long hours that Master Chen spends in his office after the teaching classes. Of course I am biased. That’s my school. That is my home. I love it and I am always happy to come back here. So the only last thing you have to know is that coming to China Wudang Kungfu Academy, you won’t only find a kungfu school, you will find a kungfu family.